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Several oral health risks can arise by not cleaning out your mouth adequately. Instead, help keep your mouth clean by adding additional cleaning utensils to wash away food and debris when it may not be possible to brush or floss. In situations such as after eating, your teeth may be extra sensitive and prone to dental abrasion. Instead of trying to brush your teeth, consider using nonabrasive tools such as therapeutic mouthwash to clean out your mouth.

Several risks associated with gum disease may not only cause problems to your guns but also can lead to several oral health risks down the road for your teeth. To prevent the risk of gum destabilization and tooth loss, you can help minimize the effects of gum disease by stopping it immediately. Through the use of mouthwash, not only can you help minimize risks associated with gum disease, but it can help reduce plaque, halitosis and cavities. However, it is important to make sure that you are using therapeutic mouthwash, as cosmetic mouthwash products only temporarily mask issues within your mouth, particularly bad breath.

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