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Bruxism is an oral disorder that causes patients to loudly grind their teeth during sleep. Many patients are unaware what causes bruxism, or even that they need to seek treatment for the problem, because the grinding only occurs while they are sleeping. Some symptoms of bruxism can occur when you wake up, alerting you that you should see a dental professional.

Over time, your teeth or dental restorations can become damaged due to bruxism, and your teeth may also begin to wear down and look flat. If teeth grinding has caused you to bite your cheeks and tongue during the night, these tissues can feel sore and ragged the next morning. The frequent occurrence of morning headaches may be a result of bruxism.

The relationship between TMJ disorder and tooth grinding may result in additional symptoms, such as jaw soreness and teeth that feel sensitive in the morning. A weakened jaw may feel stiff or stuck, making it hard to open or close your mouth when you wake up.

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