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Do you have a missing tooth? If so, a dental bridge can help you replace that tooth, improve your oral health, and enhance the appearance of your smile. A dental bridge is a dental restoration that is made of two dental crowns (one on each side to anchor the bridge in place) and a false tooth in the middle. It can give you the functional and healthy smile you need.

Dental bridge treatment
To begin treatment, your dentist, Dr. Randal Brown, will numb the mouth with a numbing agent to keep you from feeling pain or discomfort during your appointment. Then, he will prepare the anchoring teeth in the mouth (the teeth that lie on both sides of the gap) by trimming their enamel to make room for the crowns. After, he will make an impression of the mouth and will send that impression to a dental lab. The lab technicians will custom make your dental bridge and send it back when it’s ready. As you wait, your dentist will place temporary crowns on each anchoring tooth.

Dental bridge care
Your dental bridge can last a lifetime if you take good care of it. This means you need to brush twice a day, floss once a day, rinse daily, and attend your dental cleaning appointments every six months.

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