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Caring for your smile in the face of toothaches includes making sure you’re always identifying signs and symptoms that they may be present. If you notice that your smile is beginning to change, or if there are abnormalities and irregularities with your teeth, it could be the sign of an underlying infection such as a toothache. If a toothache is present, you will need to visit your dentist so that appropriate treatments and care can be given to save the tooth.

Making sure you receive the necessary care should a toothache be present is crucial. However, a toothache can often go untreated because you are unaware that is occurring. To combat this, always inspect your mouth daily to notice if you are feeling any abnormalities or notice any visual defects that could be occurring. Similar to gum disease, toothaches are infections that often continue to cause symptoms even after various treatments may be given. In order to effectively treat a toothache, the toothaches itself must be treated rather than trying to treat one of its symptoms.

If you’re suffering from fever, chills, or facial rashes, they may continue to persist until a toothache is effectively treated. Furthermore, if you have noticeable discharge around a tooth or inflammation that continues to occur, a toothache may be present. If you experience severe pain for longer than 24 hours or medications are failing to remove the pain, an infection within a tooth could be the cause. Other common causes of toothaches include tooth decay, gum disease, a TMJ disorder, the eruption of wisdom teeth, an oral accident or injury or any issues that may have led to a cracked tooth.

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