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Your new partial denture represents a removable, yet effective method for replacing the basic function of your missing teeth. It includes replicating teeth set into a pink medium that mimics the appearance of healthy gums.

Even though the special materials used to create the partial denture are immune to tooth decay, you will still need to provide it with some daily care and good oral hygiene practices.

This involves rinsing and brushing your partial denture each night to remove any minor food deposits, and plaque as well as any residual denture adhesive. This will provide you with a clean, fresh surface when you reapply a fresh adhesive the next morning.

It’s best to brush the partial denture with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a nonabrasive toothpaste like denture polish. After it has been thoroughly cleaned you should then store your partial denture overnight by soaking it in water or storing it in the case provided. Just be sure to tuck it away in a safe place.

With the partial safely stowed away, you can then proceed with the rest of your nightly oral hygiene ritual. Maintaining healthy gums will also help the partial denture fit comfortably.

If you had a partial denture created at Dr. Randal Brown’s clinic in Strasburg, Pennsylvania and you have a question about how to clean or maintain it, you can always call 717-687-9366 to speak with a staff member at Randal Brown.